Vehicle impounding service | North Manchester, IN

Serving North Manchester and other areas throughout Indiana


Heavy duty tow truck

Reliable Storage and Impounding Services

All vehicles are carefully towed and stored in a secure location. We also provide storage and impound services for vehicles that have been damaged in a wreck.


We tow the vehicle and bring it to the shop to store until the insurance claims are taken care of. We provide services to North Manchester and other areas throughout Indiana.


Call ahead for more details on our storage and impound charges!



Storage and Impounding charges

We provide exceptional heavy duty towing services at most affordable rates. We are a true long haul tow service and we strive to make your life a little easier.

Trust our CDL licensed drivers

Your vehicle will begin to accrue storage charges as soon as it arrives at our impound facility. The cost to claim your impounded car in storage will increase with each day.

You need to submit a proof of ownership, photo id and valid insurance to take the benefit of our storage and impounding services.

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